Intro: Hormone Mish-Mash

Indigo’s Guide to Big Skool

The Intro

The teenage years: a mish-mash of hormones, frustration, and just trying to make it to the end of each school year. Sound familiar? Or are you doing just fine?

How you experience school is different for everyone.

For some, school is the best thing ever. It’s a brilliant place full of wonderful friends, great teachers, and tasty canteen snacks. For others, each day is a work-filled drudge on to the next while the eternal question lingers: ‘Is school food really the remains of aliens?’ For most, it’s probably a combo of those two extremes.

While school is simply the worst place any self-respecting teen would want to be, there are some pros of going to school. Do you want to sit in a classroom all day, especially when the sun is shining outside? Yeah, it isn’t much fun for anyone, even the teachers sometimes!

But if you can learn to have a little fun, then school might (hey, I said ‘might’) just start to be a little extra-enjoyable.

Totally clueless?

Doomed to be a doofus?

Struck down by the horror that is teenage hormones?

No need to worry.

Here’s a handbook crammed with helpful clues on how to survive not only being a spotty, foot-in-mouth teen, but anything up to seven long years at secondary school too.

Do keep reading my guide to big skool … It’s more fun than Maths!



Everything in this book is based on my own knowledge, and if you find yourself in a situation which I haven’t encountered personally, I’m not sure how much I can help… but I’m sure that something in this book will help you!

You have ups, you have downs, and you will have to endure through them all. Life is a rollercoaster, and it’s dangerous just living and surviving. But if you don’t you won’t get anything if you don’t work for it! You can have as many friends as you want who will support you if can you really open up to people, and you’ll have great grades if you study hard. Anything is possible.

If you are naturally shy, then get out there! Venture out of your comfort zone, because the only things you’ll truly regret when you’re older will be the things you were too scared to do when you were younger.

Basically, don’t let others put you down. The best kind of person is the one who isn’t afraid to be proud of themselves, despite the mockery of others!

Are you prepared for the challenge?

Are you prepared to achieve your dreams, and get through secondary school intact?

If so, then dive right in, my crazy friend …

Indigo x


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